Melissa Pappas


Melissa Pappas is a marine scientist and artist using art to communicate her research on coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef. 

Her art focuses on the expression of science in another language, hopefully a language that is more understandable and aesthetically pleasing. Most of her works are installation pieces that serve to be a spectacle for the public and provoke deeper thought on climate change and life in the ocean.

Shannon O'Riordan

Fluid artist

Shannon O’Riordan is an abstract artist based in Sydney, Australia. She works with fluid acrylic paints to create unique abstract works and ocean paintings. Shannon enjoys the paradox of trying to control an uncontrollable medium, which she sees as a metaphor for life.

Shannon adopts a predominantly blue pallet, a reflection of her coastal upbringing, but is expanding into the use of different colours as she develops as an artist. Shannon endeavours to translate the constant need and want of controlling all aspects of life and nature onto the canvas.

Shannon has held a passion for the creative, and been a passionate artist since early youth. With a background in Portraiture in high school she turned to abstract style artworks during her first year at UNSW Art and Design in 2013.

Hana Peeles

Abstract Portrait Artist


Hana Peeles is a Saudi Marine Biology PhD student and a budding mixed media modern artist who uses mainly oil paint; sometimes with a twist of ink and gesso for added depth. She is mainly interested in expanding the limits of landscape and portrait paintings through mixing her media of choice to create surrealistic borderline-abstract representations. Color choice also plays a huge role in Hana's work.