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Creative Science Communication

A new workshop for scientists

Developed for scientists by our founder, Melissa Pappas, this workshop walks attendees through the past, present and future trends in science communication and leaves you with creative and implementable ideas to fuel your science outreach. 

Creative Science Communication is a presentation and workshop in one and can be catered to your goals. The material covers real-world examples across human-centered design, traditional knowledge sharing and storytelling as well as how to incorporate the latest tech in VR and AI into the communication of your work.

The first iteration of the workshop was hosted at the Temperate Coral Research Conference at Roger Williams University in May 2024 and provided inspiration and guidance in the development of four out-of-the-box yet tangible science communication initiatives.


This summer, ECOS is providing five free workshops to science labs, organizations and other groups with no strings attached. Get in touch to learn more!

5 free workshops this summer