Art is a universal language that can be used to communicate global topics and scientific research. By speaking in this language, we can reach a broader audience and make a  larger impact as scientists and educators. Emerging Creatives of Science focuses on both scientists and artists who are creative STEAM thinkers aiming to bridge the gap between the two worlds. We specialize in communicating environmental issues like climate change, coral bleaching, and protection for our natural marine resources. The majority of our members focus on the impacts of climate change in marine systems, as these are some of the most sensitive to environmental changes. Although the marine environment is not the only system that needs a voice, and so we welcome artists and scientist from all fields of environmental research. Join our community to network with our members.


Creating art to communicate science



We were founded in 2018 by Melissa Pappas, a marine scientist and self-taught artist. We are currently based in Sydney, Australia with aims to collaborate and grow with creative leaders and artists from around the world. Currently we host exhibits and events showcasing our team of artists, scientists, and communicators through avenues at UNSW and University of Newcastle. Get in contact to collaborate with us.


Bridging the gap

At Emerging Creatives of Science, we understand the importance of communication. As we shift the paradigm back to the focus on the interdisciplinary, we aim to bridge the knowledge gap between scientists and the public. Our community serves as an educational branch and support system for all our members by being a special place where their creative juices can flow freely. We’re dedicated to our artists, scientists, and discipline connectors by providing them with showcasing and networking space. It’s our mission to ensure that the arts remain strong, especially in the world of research and analytical thinking. We offer workshops, seminars, collaborative projects, and exhibits to highlight the importance of the STEAM perspective. We are currently open for SciArt project proposals, so get in contact to submit your ideas.


Artist: Vikie Lui @studio_kaka

Coral Reefs in the Face of Climate Change

SciArt is the practice of using art as a tool to communicate and educate an audience in scientific research. The approach is a more tangible way to interact with science and a better form of education for visual learners. Since many of us are not experts in technical scientific research, the SciArt approach to understanding science is much appreciated. These SciArt murals showcase pairs of scientists and artists illustrating coral reefs in the face of climate change. The murals once decorated the Chancellery walk of UNSW upper campus, but will be moving around UNSW to brighten up the campus.



The Founders

Future Leaders

The team at Emerging Creatives of Science is made up of experienced and talented artists who love teaching and mentoring others. We are currently based in Sydney, Australia, but work with artists, scientists and communicators around the world.


VP & Co-Founder

Specializing in poetic travel writing, Elijah uses creative communicating skills in the literal sense. Elijah's combined experiences in creative writing and global business have strengthened his ability to communicate effectively and deeply with audiences from different backgrounds.


President & Co-Founder

Melissa is a marine science researcher at UNSW. Her passion for educating the public on the threats of climate change to coral reefs is what drives her creative process. Her desire for communicating creatively led her to develop the ECOS community.


International Collaborator

Hana is a Jeddah-based artist with a background in marine and plant science. She is an abstract painter and graphic illustrator who uses her mixed Saudi-American culture and her scientific research as sources for inspiration. Hana is working with emerging artists in Saudi Arabia while providing support to ECOS as an international collaborator.


Space, Art, Science, Community

If ECOS sounds like a community you'd like to collaborate with, get in contact with us. We are looking for creative spaces to host events and exhibits. We are also on the lookout for professionals that could benefit by interacting with our community. We work in symbiosis in hopes to benefit you as much as you benefit us.

"Coral Feeding" by Brett Lewis

PhD Candidate 

Queensland University of Technology


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