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Emerging Creatives of Science

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An out-of-the-box science communication agency  
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Transforming science through 
collaborative art

ECOS is a global network of artists, scientists and storytellers.

We offer creative communication solutions to individuals, institutions, and organizations championing the health of people and the planet.

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How do you want to get involved?

Do you need help sharing your science?

Do you need help sharing research or scientific concepts in creative ways? Get in touch to learn how we can help.

Do you want to work with us?

Are you an artist or storyteller? Do you have a skillset that could help communicate science? Get in touch to learn about the ECOS Community.

Evan Lerner

Director of Communications | University of Utah

“From my first conversation with Melissa, I've known her to be someone who intuitively understands how to bridge the gap between the "what" and "how" questions of researchers and the "who" and "why" questions of artists and other creatives. And in my years of working with her, I've seen her consistently execute projects that embody this principle, using sharp thinking, clear writing, and beautiful illustration.”
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