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Emerging Creatives of Science was founded in 2018 by Melissa Pappas, a marine scientist turned creative communicator on a mission to deliver fun and impactful science stories. With a knack for building networks of ambitious people, Melissa gathered artists, scientists and storytellers to form the collaborative community.


  Early ECOS projects were hosted at the University of             New South Wales and included coral reef SciArt murals      and a women in science photography exhibit.

     In 2020, ECOS pivoted to meet a different kind of need,        a sense of belonging and direction for those at the                intersection of art and science. The ECOS blog                       took off as a story sharing tool for creative science                communicators finding their own path and                                connecting with like-minded people. 

               A few years later, both the need for holistic                           communication initiatives and the talent in the ECOS community grew to a point where we needed to shift again.


In 2023, ECOS was established as a collaborative, international agency to improve overall scientific literacy and democratize knowledge. 

"Today, ECOS offers always-unique, never-boring communication services to science professionals across the globe." 

Our core team is made up of ambitious women with backgrounds in both science and art and years of experience in creative communication positions. Our larger community has decades of combined experience in digital illustration, fine art, videography, graphic design, animation, website design, painting, writing, and so much more!

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Melissa Pappas

Creative Director

Lindsay Newey_edited_edited.jpg
Hana Kanee Headshot_edited.jpg

Lindsay Newey

Graphic Artist

Hana Kanee

UX Designer



ECOS provides creative alternatives to traditional science communication products. We use storytelling, diverse artistic media, and current creative technology to help science stories stand out from the overwhelming sea of information. Our goal is to empower people to make informed decisions by providing them with accurate scientific information in the form of creative stories. 

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Why use art in science communication?




Art creates emotional connections to concepts, phenomena, and crises, encouraging people to act on those issues.

Art can communicate across languages and technical jargon, allowing your work to reach a wider audience.

When used to illustrate science research, art in any form can transform 

You tell us what you need to push your work forward and we will translate it to the audience who can make it happen.

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