A seminar on gender equality in science and photography exhibit of UNSW female scientists.

Women in Science

UNSW Artsweek

A week-long event focusing on SciArt workshops, performances, and art pieces. Artsweek 2019 was themed "Science is art."

SciArt Mural Project

Five scientists and five artists teamed up to illustrate coral reefs in the face of climate change murals on Chancellery Walk at UNSW in January 2019.


Coral Reefs in Climate Change


brought art to the UNSW campus in the form of mural designs on coral reefs and climate change.

Australia is home to the largest coral reef system in the world - The Great Barrier Reef. However, as sea surface temperatures continue to rise, corals face threats such as bleaching and ocean acidification, which make it difficult to sustain the marine life that rely on this system. These murals help communicate our current understanding of the changing ecosystem and bring some color to a dark topic.


Five coral reef scientists were paired up with five local artists to create murals depicting the research topic of each scientist. Each mural design tells part of the story of this resilient yet fragile coral reef ecosystem in the face of climate change. 

Coral bleaching across time

Charlotte is a PhD student at UNSW studying how physical components of reefs like water flow affect bleaching 

susceptibility and how these factors can be used to help coral restoration. Shamanthi is a UNSW art and design student and professional mural artist. Their design shows a timeline of bleaching events from 1998 to 2017.