Eav Brennan

Science communicator & artist

I’m Eav, a science communicator based in Sydney, Australia. I have been interested in SciArt since I drew the migration pathways of Manta rays when I was seven. I grew up loving the ocean and the natural world, so I pursued environmental science and geography at University.


I have a Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Studies from the University of Tasmania and a Masters of Environment (Advanced) from the Australian National University. I conducted research in marine debris for my masters, and started – and promptly dropped out of - a PhD with the University of Tasmania and the CSIRO.


After realising I wasn’t suited for research, I thought long and hard about how I wanted to continue. I loved environmental and marine science and didn’t want to stop exploring our Blue Planet. I embraced the fact that my university notebooks were filled with more doodles than words, and that the 3-minute thesis challenge was my favourite part of my PhD. I decided to have a go in SciArt, particularly comic strips.


I now work at Reverse Garbage, a world-renowned creative reuse centre. I am a host on the Climactic Collective podcast network, and I am a research assistant evaluating the uptake of scientific advice in oceans governance. I love that I get to blend art and science in my work, and am looking forward to telling the story of the amazing science being conducted in so many different ways around the world.

Check out my latest comic on Instagram of Lara the Larva explaining coral bleaching.